"Challenging the Limit!"

"Challenging the Limit!"

"Challenging the Limit!"


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Who we are

SZC®HANKOOK LUBE OIL is a manufacturing company specialized in the industrial lubricating oil and was established in the year 2,000. Since then, we have consistently made an effort to meet customers’ needs and have the reputation of development partner of the industries with high competence.

As industries are highly developed, some equipment performance demands exceed the capabilities of mineral based lubricating oils. Moreover, they require life-cycle cost savings. The lubricating oils are required to work under much higher temperature and heavier load with longer service life.

Inevitably, synthetic lubricating oils come into the market to fill the performance gap of mineral based lubricating oils. However, relatively high price of synthetic lubricating oils has incurred cost issue to customers and delayed mass application.

Newly developed AIRCOMP NT46S is one example of our synthetic lubricant solutions which is superior and cost effective against imported multi-national brand compressor oils in terms of both quality and price.

As a capable custom formula lubricating oil manufacturer, we have plenty of success stories mainly in compressor oils, refrigerator oils and circular knitting machine oil of textile industries.

We are now expanding product portfolio to oilless bearing oil, metal working fluids, heat transfer oil, aluminum foundry oil, EDM oil and etc.

We are committed to deliver best product and service to our customers all the time through consistent development and production of high quality products.

  • Address: 600-2 Namyang-ro, Namyang-eub Hwasung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.    CEO : Sang Won Park
    TEL : +82 31-357-5795~6    FAX : +82 31-355-5116    E-Mail :  Business Registration No. : 134-09-54651

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